Photo credit: Kranzberg Arts Center, Alexis Riverre and Pratima Murali

Micro and Macro is imagined abstractions using papercut tyvek informed by materials, location and the installation process. As part of Kranzberg’s yearlong exhibit centered around the theme “Chaos,” my work explores Chaos as it manifests in the smallest and largest of cosmic elements.

The Universe (chaos) emerged from an unknown order through an event, the Big Bang. Although chaos itself is uncertain and fluid, there are infinite orders swirling within it. Creating a dialog between the understanding of the natural laws and a visual immersive form allows me to experience the cosmos in an immediate way. By mixing science and art, observation and imagination, I hope to find a bridge between the two, mimicking the breathtaking complexity that exists at every level of scale in the cosmos and the quantum, and filtering it through the intuitiveness of imagination.

Through cutting, transforming, and installation, I have re-imagined two dimensional entities of the Micro and Macro scale in three dimensional space. Through countless experiments, I learned to push the material's inherent properties and understand the importance of light and shadow within the work.

Location, lighting, and the viewer's perspective have a huge role to play in my approach to install my work. I attach small ceiling hooks and thread multiple nylon wires through them. I then place individually hand-cut pieces through the wire and knot them. Arranging, interrelating, transforming and lighting the individual pieces is done with the motive of creating an immersive environment for the viewer to enter and explore.


The light illusion

Space and Time

Edge of our ignorance

This time it will be different

Gallery view

Gallery view

Gallery view

Gallery view

Dimensions of illusion

Vessels of Light

Installation of This time it will be different

Elemental movement


Dimensions of illusion