Space between Photo credit- Katherine Douglas- Schien

“We are made of star stuff”- Carl Sagan”

Inspired by the iconic quote by Carl Sagan, this series looks up to the stars for an understanding of ourselves. Our connection with the abstract concept we call “space” is binding and inspiring at the same time.

Space is defined as "the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move." It is the true and original shapeshifter, never static, always evolving, a storyboard for our ancestors and a frontier for future explorations. Dark matter and Dark energy, both measurable but unknown permeates space. What is underneath this expanse that makes up 85% of the unseen matter and energy enough to rip our universe apart? Space between explores the different ways that we, the viewer, experience space- as a solid mass, as a negative void, as distance travelled and as far as we can see. For my preliminary prototype, I made very intentional paper cuts and installed it as an experiment to see how each layer lets in light and appears in relationship with one another. Each individual shape is familiar, but suspended together, it shapeshifts allowing light to enter in very unexpected ways and recreating different visual experiences as viewers approach and move around the work.