Duplicating itself across the wall surface, The observer and the observed responded to a set of curatorial criteria that called for exploring a the visible and invisible for the True/False Film festival in Columbia, MO. Created as site specific piece, the artwork serves as an enhancement of the environment and the surrounding space. This ceiling suspended sculpture explores our understanding of the truth about light. Is light a particle or a wave? I was inspired by the question of what happens when we observe the fundamental particles and how it changes as a result of this observation. This installation is also a study of visibility and invisibility. Both in terms of particle physics and sociological experiences. Why and when do humans feel invisible? When we are not heard? When our basic rights of individuality is violated?

The Observer... features nine circular and multiple abstracted forms composed of hand cut, painted Tyvek paper suspended from the ceiling by fishing wire. Colored light is projected on the artwork from above.Whether walking through the hallway, meeting at the lounge area or gazing into the lobby through the window, a viewer might see similar patterns within color or shape. Throughout the day, the change in natural light from the lobby creates a unique filter that shifts the colors, shapes and patterns into a completely different viewer experience. The artwork aims to support the use and design of this space with a daytime and evening presence. In addition, sunlight movement across the plaza produces shade and shadow patterns that are constantly in flux due to the naturally changing environment.