This time it will be different is a suspended sculpture that explores our understanding of the concept of time. I was inspired by three facets of time:

Physiological time: The direction of time that we experience: moving at a steady pace, from the past, forever in the present and towards the future

Philosophical time: Circular time (Kala Chakra) Everything that has occurred will occur again

Cosmological time: Where time is relative (Black holes, The Big Bang)

This time.. features nine arrow forms composed of hand cut, painted Tyvek paper suspended from the ceiling by fishing wire. The arrows point to different directions; seemingly chaotic. The arrows move in and out of focus as a viewer walks in proximity. The composition of the arrows is characterized by a clustered configuration, the cuts within it depicting concentric circles (relative time) wheels (kala chakra) and river of time (directional). I wanted to define a sculptural form that resonated with both a structured and a chaotic sensibility.