My practice is rooted in research as to how artistic inquiry can expand new thought and create a cognitive framework for a new understanding of science. My artworks are abstractions of paper cut Tyvek® informed by materials, location and the installation process. I studied science in college and adopted my science education to fuel my arts education through research and experimentation. Because of my own experience as a self taught artist, I am interested in exploring different ways of understanding science. Working with paper allows me to reconfigure the material into additional dimensions by integrating parameters such as light, space and gravity within my work.

I began with cutting out the negative shapes and leaving positive space within the paper. I realized that I can control how much and where light can pass through the material. Once I understood this, I began to experiment with how I could play with light through paper. I use light to direct the viewer’s eye to something specific and use shadows to create depth and distance. I take this two-dimensional material, manipulate it and make it into a three-dimensional sculpture. Through experimenting, I roll, stretch and twist the paper to play with the space it occupies. My next step is to intentionally introduce gravity into this mix. I install the sculpture from the ceiling using transparent wire. Depending on where I hook the wire, gravity pulls the paper down to give the sculpture a specific shape. So, I use light, space and gravity as conceptual and physical forces in my installations. Paper-cutting permits the process of the work to be evident, while the warped, random configurations of the material itself invests it with cosmological connotations. Inspired by specific scientific ideas such as the double slit experiment, particle collisions and dark matter mapping, my installations fuse physics with the visual language of art. The relationship between space, light and gravity is at the root of my exploration, which is crucial to the development of my art and my search for more expansive categories of knowledge. My interdisciplinary practice is an attempt to invite viewers to see the inter connectivity between artistic and scientific thought. By mixing science and art, observation and imagination, I hope to find a bridge between the two, mimicking the breathtaking complexity that exists at every level of scale in the cosmos and the quantum, and filtering it through the intuitiveness of the artistic imagination.