I am a St. Louis-based, Indian- born interdisciplinary artist and I create site specific installations for public spaces. My work explores questioning the relationship between space, light, shadow and storytelling practices. I use cut paper and found objects in conjunction with light sources to create installations with abstract and representational imagery. Transforming the violent act of cutting into an act of creation is central to my artistic approach. My process involves creating clusters of undulating forms by warping, cutting, manipulating, and installing paper and found materials. My installations transform public space into places of interventions by creating grounding and contemplative experiences for the viewer. Each exhibit brings together a site specific, immersive, multi part installation that is organized by visual complexity and relationship of individual elements to each other. Large and small representative and abstract symbols establish a progression to encourage the exploration of patterns, forms and the overall theme that I consider in my work. Stories, conversations, reading, and listening enter into my artwork, which may or may not be recognized by the viewer. This is done with the motive of creating an immersive environment for the viewer to enter and explore.